Saturday, December 4, 2010


Karen Silkwood was a hard working woman who only wanted what was best for the people she loved and herself. Silkwood worked for Kerr-McGee, a company that created plutonium rods for nuclear reactors. While working at Kerr-McGee, Karen Silkwood discovered that the company was engaging in unethical behaviors that risked the lives of all its employees. I think that stories like this are disturbing no matter how fuzzy or blatant the facts are. But I also think that stories like this can be the basis of a great debate; when instances like this arise I am at a loss as to who can we trust to look out for people and the environment safety. Silkwood could not count on her union or the company. I wonder if the decades since the Silkwood debacle have brought will change in corporate accountability, or are things still the same?

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